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Our company was founded in 1995 in Truikių village, Plunges disrict, we operate in production of ecological fuel. Since our successfully start, we provide services as follows: Manufacture and selling sawdust briquettes; timber processing; cutting.

We are seeking to create strong and reliable relationships with our clients and partners. We always endeavor to find the most optimal product, which suits our client’s needs and our experienced specialist are always sharing their advices.

Wood sawdust briquettes


It is eco-friendly and renewable solid fuel, made from plant based origin raw material. Our sawdust briquettes are universal, small size (140x100x65mm), therefore they are perfectly suitable for all kind of solid fuel boilers. Briquettes are packed in eco-friendly bags, which are very comfortable to store, it takes small place, packed evenly with no air gaps, otherwise firewood. There is no need to chop or to dry briquettes, it is produced dry, therefore it is much healthier, comparing to traditional fuel.

Briquettes usage is pretty cheap and comfortable, but especially it produces much more heat energy then other products which are made for heating. Briquette’s humidity is 60%, otherwise firewood - it’s humidity can be till 30%. Briquettes has perfectly rates by customers and it is popular not only in Lithuania, but in other countries also.


Emits only few smokes, soot and fumes.

Doesn’t sparkle and doesn’t smell bad during the burning.

Leaves very small amount of ashes, 0,5-1,5% only.


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